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Get Matched to Healthcare Facilities abroad for your procedures

Teleconsult with Licensed Foreign Specialist for diagnosis and second options

Access Healthcare Financing Solutions. Get the Care you Need. Pay Later.

Value Based Digital Healthcare. Watch our Story!

Our Solutions to Corporates

Our comprehensive, web-based medical ecosystem delivers laudable clinical,administrative, and
financial value to corporate clients

Electronic Medical Record​

Support your staff’s health and wellness. Enable them to access their medical records and test results digitally whenever they need to without restrictions.

Patient Engagement

Reduce administrative burden and stay connected throughout the process of their visit with our fit-for-purpose technology.


Provide your employees with the option to speak to health and wellness providers from the comfort of their homes or any location.                                      

Healthcare Financing

Provide and approve healthcare financial support for your employees to help them get the best healthcare options and facilities for their health.

Meet Our Providers

Our global family of licensed health and wellness professionals provides you with the best care you can trust.


Value Based Digital Healthcare. Watch our Story!

Dr Sofia K.
Specialty: Pediatrics
Dr Onyekachi O.
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Dr Latoya J.
Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology

DiagnoStar Care Advantage

Secure, Private electronic medical record platform.

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