DiagnoStar EMR (Electronic Medical Record) portal is more than your medical records on a screen.

DiagnoStar is healthcare reimagined.

The Diagnostar EMR service is available to you, your family, and your team.
Make health a priority. Own your EMR today for just ₦5000 per year

What do I get with the Diagnostar EMR?

Record of allergies, family medical history, and medications, all in one place

Previous hospitalizations, surgeries, encounters, and doctor notes

Telemedicine with international physicians and local specialists, including nutritionists and mental health professionals.

Unique barcodes for secure access to users' medical records in case of an emergency

Secure electronic medical record sharing and storage

An EMR built for what matters

DiagnoStar EMR was not created for your device. We developed it with you in mind. So that you can receive healthcare, manage your medical information, and benefit from hassle-free, high-quality healthcare delivery when you need it and at the nick of time.

We believe that technology should be used to benefit you and healthcare is not an exception.

DiagnoStar EMR is built to be easily managed to support your specific needs, your way

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See DiagnoStar EMR in Action

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The EMR is powered by DiagnoStar Health, Africa's premier health technology company.
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