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Diamond Universal Plan​

Coverage Area: Africa + UAE + Asia + UK + US

get up to 16% off and more features
when you purchase the annual plan

$100/Month (N57,500)
$260.88/Quarter (N150,000)
$883.50/Annum (N508,000)

Wellness Benefits
(discounts apply when you visit any of our partner wellness facilities/centers)

5% Discount off each teleconsultation session​

Plan Diamond Universal Plan​
Individual Premium/Month​
$100 (N57,500)
Individual Premium/Quarterly
$260.88 (N150,000)
Individual Premium/Annum​
$883.50 (N508,000)
Annual coverage limit​
$3713 (N1,850,000)
Area of Cover
Africa + UAE + Asia + UK + US
Local consultation with General Practitioner or Follow-Up (Including 2nd opinions and diagnosis, prescriptions/ lab test/imaging test reviews)
Foreign consultation with General Practitioner or Follow-Up (Including 2nd opinions and diagnosis, prescriptions/ lab test/imaging test reviews) ​
Local Specialist Consultations or Follow-Up (Including 2nd opinions and diagnosis)
Foreign Specialist Consultations and Follow-Up (Including 2nd opinions and diagnosis, prescriptions/ lab test/imaging test reviews) ​
Cover up to 80% per visit
Free Breast Examination (Mammogram) at partner labs
Free Pap smear (test for cervical cancer in women) at partner labs​
One Free Annual Consultation with a local Gynecologist ​
Local consultation with Pediatric Specialist​
Foreign consultation with Pediatric Specialist​
Covered (Capped at 1 visit per quarter)
Psychiatry sessions including medication (local and foreign teleconsultations)
40% discount off each teleconsultation session
Annual Postrate Cancer Screening at partner labs​
Schedule laboratory tests (health screening) & X-Rays at partner labs​
Advanced investigations (including discounted MRI, CT Scans, PET Scans at partner imaging centers)​
Covered up to $130.43 (N75,000) per annum
Molecular Diagnostics (including discounted COVID-19​
Covered up to 50%
Post-procedure care cordination abroad​
Order Prescription Medicines (pick up at partner pharmacy closest to you/request delivery)​
Covers only Malaria and Typhoid prescriptions (Get 10% discount and covered up to $173.91 (N100,000) per annum
Coordination and matching to care facilities abroad for elective & non-elective procedures (including Visa, Travel & Logistics, clinical liaison, billing and other concierge support)
Personalized Access Portal
Personalized Message a provider feature​
Digital access to electronic medical record (EMR)​
EMR free storage space
Health education and resource access​

Notes **

Benefits are restricted to outpatient services only. These are any service or treatment that doesn’t require hospitalisation and any appointment at a facility outside the hospital.
Free chat access available for medical emergencies and routine medical information.
Access loans to purchase medication, pay for your surgical procedures and cater to your well being within 24-48 hours. Pay back monthly at very low interest rates. Apply here
**Health screening includes Physical, BP, HIV, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, PCV, Urinalysis, aLFT, E/u/Cr, ECG, Pap Smear, Physical Breast Examination, Mammogram, PSA Test.

EXCLUSIONS: The following are excluded from all plans

Advanced and complex investigations not stated in schedule of covered services
Other investigations and treatment for problems relating to infertility e.g. hydrotubation, hysterosalpingogram, I.V.F, G.I.F.T and artificial insemination
Virility enhancing drugs
Herbal drugs, non-prescription drugs, food supplements and experimental drugs and treatment
Other laboratory investigations not listed in the schedule of covered services
Dental care
Home care and domiciliary services
Joint replacements and prosthetic limbs
Long term psychiatric illness (Longer than 6 months)
Comprehensive health screening/well persons check outside the scope of the benefits covered by the health checks.
Pre – School Health examinations
Neonatal care and treatment for newborns
All Covid-19 Treatment
Speech disorders
Management of severe burns (Burns covering more than 10% body surface area)
Learning difficulties, behavioral and developmental problems
Consultations with unrecognized consultants, hospitals, family doctors, therapists, or complementary medicines practitioners
Any other treatment, service, procedure or investigation not listed in the schedule of covered medical services
Emergency services