First aid treatment for burn injury

Burns can result from any source of excessive heat that damages body tissue. They can be caused by the sun, radiation, chemicals, hot liquids, electrical appliances, fire, etc. A burn injury can be minor or life-threatening, so knowing first aid for burns is essential. Prompt attention can limit damage and promote healing. Types of burns […]
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How employee satisfaction may increase with technology in health care

Technology is steadily reshaping many aspects of life as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Inclusively, it creates more stress-free ways to use health care and wellness benefits for your employee. Employers that employ technology as a means of making employee access to health care simpler may discover that it increases staff satisfaction and retention. On deeper […]
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World Sepsis Day (WSD)

World Sepsis Day (WSD) – Join the Fight to Fight to End Sepsis World Sepsis Day is observed on September 13 annually worldwide. This global awareness day is organized by the Global Sepsis Alliance. Yearly the event draws in people around the world to raise public awareness about the disease. This event holds in collaboration […]
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