DiagnoStar Health and Famasi Africa to delight Nigerians with new partnership

DiagnoStar Health, Africa’s premier healthcare and wellness technology company, has partnered with the digital pharmacy platform, Famasi Africa, to improve our customers’ experiences with recurrent prescription management and telehealth support.

DiagnoStar customers, with or without a registered pre-existing medical condition, will enjoy pharmaceutical management and swift fulfillment of all prescription orders via doorstep delivery to locations within Nigeria. This partnership also ensures that customers needing regular prescription refills never run out of medication.

According to Joe Nzewunwa, Co-Founder of DiagnoStar, this collaboration indicates a drive to discover practical solutions for helping our customers achieve fast, qualitative resolutions to health problems.

Customers can sign up for any of our care plans with the knowledge that they will receive holistic coverage on all grounds. We will leave no stone unturned as we continue to improve our services to ensure our customers never deviate from the qualitative and easy access to health and wellness services we have promised.

DiagnoStar Health is a health & wellness technology company committed to ensuring that you attain your health and wellness goals through unbarred access to medical practitioners. Some features of the DiagnoStar service include Electronic Medical Records (EMR), telemedicine consultations with doctors and specialists abroad, healthcare financing, clinical collaboration among providers, and medical concierge services, among others. 

DiagnoStar’s telehealth system provides customers with the opportunity to choose their preferred health or wellness providers which enhances customer comfort and ease of use.

To access Famasi Africa via the DiagnoStar platform, customers may order medication using the following steps:

  1. Log in to your portal
  2. Select the Prescription menu option
  3. Upload your prescription (Select your preferred delivery mode)
  4. Click the drop-down menu of the “Select Pharmacy Section” and choose “Famasi Africa”
  5. Update delivery address and any additional information
  6. Complete the order by clicking the Upload button

Delivery will be made within 24 hours of prescription order completion and payment confirmation.

Customers can confidently rely on DiagnoStar to deliver prescriptions for all health or lifestyle conditions through Famasi Africa’s network across Nigeria.

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