Announcing the New DiagnoStar Health App

As many countries increase efforts to accommodate the need for comprehensive and accessible healthcare, we are made aware of two important truths. First, every minute counts when someone’s health is on the line. Secondly, the gap between man and technology must be narrowed.

Videos, texts, and audio exchange technology play a vital role in communication and navigating data collection on mobile devices. However, repeatedly signing into personal accounts, re-initiating user sessions, tracking activities, or resorting to paper can steal valuable time from patients, who otherwise should receive attention in the least possible time. 

Even under normal circumstances, there’s usually an excess of people who need to save time and effort trying to get the medical attention they need. Discovering a HIPAA-compliant platform to simplify and automate your health and wellness needs via a computer or mobile device will enable you to spend more time receiving the medical intervention that you need to get better.

Our new DiagnoStar Health app — available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store — can help you make the most of your time by offering easy access to your integrated healthcare services on a tablet or smartphone.

With the DiagnoStar Health app, you can seamlessly access your electronic medical records, telemedicine, e-pharmacy, bill payments, and appointment details when you’re on the go. For instance, you can safely check in for your doctor’s appointments, make payments, order prescriptions, and update and access your personal health information without logging into your portal via a tablet or smartphone. You will also receive push notifications whenever your appointment is due, a provider submits an online health consultation form pertinent to you, or we make updates.

Download the DiagnoStar app now on Google Play& Apple Store.

DiagnoStar Health App Launch Freebie

Enjoy access to the DiagnoStar Electronic Medical Record (EMR) free of charge when you’re among the first 100 people to download the DiagnoStar App. 

About the EMR

Your EMR is your digital “hospital file,” containing your medical history. It contains information on your allergies, family medical history, medications, surgical records, discharge notes, documents, past hospitalizations, and past encounters.

When you have a consultation with a health professional on our platform, order medication from our pharmacy partners or undergo a lab test with any of our Laboratory and Diagnostic partners, your EMR will be updated with the details of your consultation/prescription/lab test.

Furthermore, you can update your medical records whenever you take a new medication, run a test, receive treatment, undergo surgery, or are admitted to the hospital.

Now you can enjoy both your app launch freebie and access to premium healthcare technology. Learn more about the EMR here

Download the DiagnoStar app now on Google Play and the Apple Store.


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