How to teach your teenager good hygiene

Good hygiene and habits are essential life skills. When your child becomes a teenager, you might assume they should have learned how to care for their body. After all, you have been teaching them how to do this for years. Unsurprisingly, most adolescents still need guidance about health and hygiene for their age. Teens need to learn the necessary life skills to become healthy, responsible adults.

Why is good hygiene important for teens?

Many teens ignore everyday tasks that they see as ordinary and boring. Your teen may think brushing their teeth is senseless. But they must understand that brushing twice daily prevents cavities and other health problems. Another good example is your teen seeing no value in exercising and choosing a sedentary digital life. But staying active can help your teen stay physically healthy and manage stress.

Some good hygiene habits for teens

The following is a list of hygienic habits your teen should be practising:

  • Bathing every day.
  • Brushing teeth twice a day.
  • Washing hands with soap and water often.
  • Changing underwear daily and wearing clean clothes.
  • Avoiding habits that involve putting hands into the mouth (e.g., fingernail biting).  
  • Clipping and grooming fingernails and toenails regularly.
  • Brushing hair every day and getting haircuts when needed.
  • Shaving regularly (for boys).
  • Washing hair regularly.
  • Flossing once a day.
  • Using personal hygiene products correctly – deodorant, feminine hygiene products, etc.

In addition, you can help your teen kick out bad habits by teaching them habits that can lead to a lifetime of good health. You can encourage them to get outside for some exercise with friends. Some of these healthy life habits include:

  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Staying away from sodas and junk food.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Building healthy strategies to cope with stress.
  • Participating in social interactions and enjoying alone time.
  • Reading books

How to keep your teen on track 

It’s okay to let good hygiene and healthy habits slide sometimes. However, do not let things get out of hand for too long. 

Bad habits replace good ones quickly. If your teen struggles with hygiene issues, schedule an appointment with a professional. A teen without interest in caring for their body or performing daily activities may have some physical or mental health problems that need to be addressed.

Furthermore, hygiene for teens includes oral hygiene. If you have a DiagnoStar Health account, our dental professionals will care for your teen’s oral health. Make an appointment for your teen today.


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