Why sickness is a sign you should have seen a doctor earlier

If you’re sick now then it is a sign you should have seen the doctor earlier. Most people know they need to change their car oil and replace their generator spark plug to keep those engines running smoothly. They show a lot of love and care for mechanical types of equipment yet many don’t take a similar approach to their health. Most tend to push off seeing a doctor until they feel seriously sick. They say to themselves; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. While that mentality may work in many aspects of life, it won’t work for your general health.

Regular health screenings and physical checkups with a trusted primary care physician can establish an exhaustive and factual picture of your general health. Your regular checkups can even include mammograms, colonoscopies, pap tests, and immunizations. All of which are effective in pinpointing any underlying health issue.

For instance, the mortality rate of breast cancer from 1975 to 1989 ascended to 0.4 percent per year, but by 2015, with progressive use of mammogram screenings and advances in medical treatments, it decreased by 39 percent.

Monitoring and keeping your blood pressure under control has been proven to help reduce your risk of heart disease by 33 percent. If you’re diabetic that statistic increases to 50 percent.

Did you know that mandated vaccinations save the lives of 42,000 children annually? Adult patients should also stay up to date with tetanus shots. Whenever the WHO decides, COVID-19 shots will also join the mandatory list.

These are some tips that may be useful for when next you visit a doctor for a regular checkup:

  • Go with your family health history and any other information you think is necessary that your doctor should know. Information such as past surgeries and treatments, immunizations, previous screenings, previous test results, and current medications you’re taking are important.
  • Check out which screenings are important for you to undergo and ask about them.
  • Don’t hold back information or be shy about your responses. Be forthcoming about your exercise regimen, food, and alcohol intake, worrying health concerns, and your anticipations.
  • Request for assistance with any health resolves you might have, such as losing weight or quitting smoking or alcohol.

Preventive care can help you avoid potentially severe health conditions or get treatment earlier. If it’s been more than a year since you’ve seen a doctor when you’re not sick, consider making an appointment today.